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Monday, April 4, 2011
10:29 PM

Till The World Ends
Artist(s): Britney Spears
Genre: Dance, Pop, Electronic
My Overall Rating: ★★★

The song's not horrible in any way, shape, or form, and there's no denying that it's one hell of a catchy song. The quality of the music produced is decent, the beat is good, nice, fast tempo - appropriate for clubs, dances, and the like. The fact that this is a Britney Spears song probably boosts the popularity of it. I suppose the song follows true to the style of music she's been spitting out lately, slightly different with an almost European style dance pop beat to it.

Though, the fact that Kesha had co-written the song threw me off a bit. Now her songs are also, no doubt, catchy but the lyrics are absolutely atrocious. Of course, dance songs never have any deeper meaning than "I see you on the floor, I want to dance with you, we dance, the end." Britney's vocals are not much showcased in this song, seeing as much of the verses are sung in an almost monotone beat. I would have to say that the puller of the song is, of course, the beat and production of it all. The editing on her voice puts in a new spin to the song, the repetitive lyrics only emphasize this and make it easier for a person to subconsciously start singing it randomly, because it's the kind of song that can get so easily stuck in a person's head. It's not her best work, but it has its merits.

Song (sound, melody, rythm etc.): 4 out 5
Lyrics: 1 out of 5
Overall Rating: 3 out of 5

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